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Training in martial arts and the extent of the benefits gained through this training depends on the individual. This is because how much you train and how seriously you dedicated yourself is depends all on you. Everyone knows that in order to be serious, you need to attend classes regularly but an often disregarded aspect of training is the importance of selecting a good training partner.

Randomly choosing choosing a person to be your partner during the technical portions of the class is a bad idea..  You need to find someone who has the same seriousness and fitness as you. At my Columbia Martial Arts training center, my coach always says that to successfully progress through a martial art like Brazilian jiu jitsu you need to get at least 10,000 repetitions of a move in for it to be perfect. If you select an unmotivated goofball as your training partner, you are not likely to get good reps in during that class. You want to select someone who also wants to progress and someone who has the same kind of goals in mind. You should want to help your training partner reach their goals, sometimes putting theirs before yours, so you need to find someone who can do the same for you.

Make sure to consider the size of your partner.. For example, if you are male, six feet tall, and 200 pounds, your training partner should not be female, five feet tall, and 120 pounds – no matter how cute she is. You should select someone who has a similar body size to your own. You will be able to get in quality reps of the moves you learn in class. You will not be able to get the most of your training session if you are holding back because you are afraid of hurting your partner or you are afraid of getting injured yourself..

It is also a good idea to try and work with the same partner on a regular basis. You develop a rapport with this person and you understand each other. As previously mentioned, it’s a good thing to try and help others reach their goals, even if it means sometimes putting theirs before your own. A good training partner will return the favor.. If you understand what your partner is working on, you can offer assistance and vice-versa.. At my Columbia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, we have a group of girls who are all close friends and train regularly so we always have someone to train with and offer moral support. Never forget that the most important person in the training regiment is YOU, but the second is your training partner!.

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