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It has been 2000 years already since martial arts is been made. The origin for this came from East Pacific Rim which at the present date grew .about 200 types of martial-arts that has been practice from people all around the planet. Its history and philosophy varies from different regions. But it is not just a stroll through the park though on achieving mastery of even only 1 style of martial arts. It takes interminable hours of practice and maintaining self-discipline.

Early evidence of fighting skills is practice through depictions of fights, both figurative art and early literature especially weaponry. Wrestling was observed thru apes and is also considered as human universal even in minors.

Spears was also been used since the lower Palaeolithic and was kept as a central significance especially in the 2nd millennium AD. The used of bows came on the upper Palaeolithic and was slowly been replaced by cross bows and even firearms in Common Era.

Like for instance in 200 B.C, in the middle kingdom of Egypt and Beni Hassan the outline of wrestling in a tomb was discovered showing the humanities itself exist and was practice a long time ago. In the middle ages blade dancing and shaolin style fighting was developed and used. As you see as time passes the evolution of martial arts keeps on going. Developing new techniques and styles that experts also try to search for new methods to make the style stronger and making it as possible the most powerful style in all martial-arts.

As it progress. So is the style. But still regardless of what the reason is in learning the art, the scholar itself wants to attain one thing that isn't unusual in all style. Self-discipline and defending ones self but naturally lets be also conscious of the fact that were learning martial-arts for the right reasons as well.

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Wing ChunWing Chun Unknown

Until the turn of the twentieth century, the art called Wing Chun was extremely unknown certainly not known much about. Back then, Wing Chun was just getting started, definitely not practiced by a large amount of martial artists. Over the time, it grew to become a very dominant power inside China, becoming probably the most prominent forms of martial arts in existence. Even now, a huge selection of martial artists learn Wing Chun and also everything it gives them with.

First of all , individuals are taught when mastering Wing Chun is that they should always force so that you can counter force. By utilizing force against force, less strong and smaller sized competitors could easily and also quickly remove larger and more powerful opponents. Whenever they get in a confrontation, Wing Chun stylists use their minds and make use of the adversaries power as well as force against him.

In the course of instruction, plenty of importance is put into that very concept. Students shall learn everything regarding force as well as strength, and the way they will properly counter it. What quite a few don’t understand, is always that countering force needs hardly any strength from the stylist. Even the weakest Wing Chun stylist may take down an adversary Three Or Four times his size if he uses the right procedure and his adversaries force against him.

Wing Chun Teaches

Wing Chun teaches other methods also, for instance punching, throwing, plus some wrestling holds. It doesn’t teach much grappling though, since most of the techniques employ force against force by means of throwing and striking. The strikes which are taught with this martial-art are extremely quick, and targeted at vital areas on the human frame of the opponent.

A lot of the most vital parts on the human body are found along the center line, the very spot which Wing Chun teaches stylists to guard as well as attack with their techniques. This line can be the most vital in battle, and that’s why martial artists should always aim their attacks for virtually any location which exists down this line. Most (blank) vital points found in the center line might be the conclusion of the encounter if the stylist is able to land one powerful blow.

As Wing Chun emphasizes over and over, the shortest straw between the stylist and the opposition is the center line, which can be where a most of movement occurs. Due to the linear fashion of Wing Chun, individuals will spend a great deal of their coaching finding out how to direct attacks together with opposing force into the center line.

Wing Chun is definitely an exceptional martial-art, coaching individuals the way you use force against force in any type of encounter. There aren’t that many grappling holds or weapons used in combination with Wing Chun, although the methods and moves that are taught are tried, proven, and more importantly – very effective for self defense.

Jun 082011

Mixed Martial Arts are thought to be a big advantage to people who are seeking a broad variety in applied tactics. Each martial art is known for its area of specialty. On the other hand, there are also styles which have a wider range that seem to encompass movements that are in others. Training schools commonly aim at teaching students just as much as they possibly can. In locations like China, Korea, and Japan, although there’s a distinctive form practiced there, you will also come across quite a few others included. That is because they believe in looking at the strategies of other styles and leave it up to you to choose what fits you best.

A lot of people who attend a standard Martial Arts school that gives many different individual or mixed martial arts, will note that every form is provided as a subject. In places like Burma there’s a wide variety that includes Kung Fu, Karate, Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Kyokushinkai, and a lot more. Each one of these has a unique range of attributes by which each one is known.

Aikido is considered to be one of the very best arts for self defense. It doesn’t involve blocks and rigid moves and doesn’t include any attacking moves. It is thought to be in sync with nature, which is exactly why it tends to utilize the energy of the challenger attacking you. The adversary’s attacking moves are made use of for throwing and locking him or her.

Unlike Aikido, there is a great deal of kicking and punching found in Karate. This particular art also has holds, blocks and locks that aid a combatant too. Kung Fu is believed to be much more sophisticated than Karate, and it is actually superior and older. There’s a lot more variety in the movements, and they look far more elegant than Karate.

The fundamental idea behind offering all these arts will be to help each and every learner pick up and master a range of techniques that he or she might truly benefit from. Even in military training these days, there are strategies taught that are of benefit to soldiers, and these are acquired from several different styles. Most armies supply comprehensive training in all facets of at least one martial art. This allows soldiers to become fully prepared for unarmed combat, since they might require it in the battlefield if they are without any kind of weapons.

Learning complete individual or mixed Martial Arts can definitely be of benefit to all those who study them. These are the best methods of self defense if you don’t have a weapon. Those who are trained have been known to beat an opponent having a weapon also. This provides a fair idea of how proficient an unarmed combatant can actually be.

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Just about everyone knows about the popular martial arts, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu and Tai Chi…Some people have even thought about trying out a class. But have you ever actually done it? Do you need a reason?


Just about everyone has thought about learning martial arts at some station in time.  One reason might be as another way to stay in shape. Another reason might be as a means to protect you from the school bully. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons why people might choose to take up martial arts, but I want to take a second to connive what I feel are the most important reasons to at least try martial arts. Maybe it’s for yourself, maybe it’s for your children…whatever the reason, all martial arts command a unique wealth of cognition and discipline that you simply can’t get anywhere else. My hope is that this article will revolutionise you to get out of your chair and into a training to see what martial arts is all about.


  1.  Self Confidence

As you train in martial arts, you will notice a lot if improvements, such as your physique, balance, awareness, flexibility, and many other physical and mental characteristics. Martial Arts will teach you how to combine these capabilities and use them to succeed in competitions, attaining higher belts, building friendships and protecting yourself if necessary. The more you can do, the more confident you will be.


  1.  Self Defense

One of the most common reasons to study martial arts is to learn how to defend one’s self. A number of schools may dedicate class time and/or extend a scheduled class that strictly goes over self defense tactics. Also, depending on the MA style or school, self defense can be a large part of the program, which can be beneficial to those interested in “applicable arts” (arts you can use in everyday life) as opposed to “traditional arts”.


  1. Self Discipline

Webster defines self-discipline as the “correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement”. Whether it is trying to make a high school team or meeting company deadlines, once you learn the focus necessary to succeed in Martial Arts you can apply it to the rest of your life. Success is mental, and Martial Arts will teach you the self discipline necessary to succeed at anything you put your mind to.


  1. Coordination

Martial arts do require a lot of hand, foot, eye, and mental coordination, but all of this is developed over time. If you see yourself as an uncoordinated person, training in the martial arts will help you grow those skills. You’ll be amazed what your body is able of doing! Even if you are a natural athlete, standing on one foot, while kicking with the other, and blocking with your hands is quite difficult and involves coordination.


  1. Fitness

Martial Arts does not have to focus only on scrap or self defense as some styles are founded more on fitness. Tae Bo and Tai Chi are two examples of this. However, those with an interest in the fighting & self-defense aspects of Martial arts will find their fitness levels immediate increasing as training not only develops various muscle groups, but flexibility and balance as well. One’s level of fitness can be just as important in winning a match as one’s skills and abilities.


  1. Family Enjoyment

Most people don’t know that this is an excellent way to strike down time together with your family! Some martial art schools allow families to train together and others separate classes by age groups. Regardless of how classes are segregated, families find themselves enjoying the time spent together. It is not unheard of having a family all test together for various ranks and black belts.


  1. Meet New People – Martial Arts is for everyone…

Many martial art schools structure their classes into triad age groups: Kids – usually ranging from about 5 to 11 years old, Teens – 12 to about 16 or 17, and Adults – usually starts at 18, but some schools make exceptions when necessary. Some schools also offer a “Little Dragons” program geared towards the 4 – 6 year old crowd. Age groups are then broken down into belt ranks allowing you to train with people that are relatively of equal skills and age. Often times people who begin martial arts together will develop a bonding friendship and even obtaining their black belts at the same time because they pushed one another during their tuff times.


Remember that there are thousands of martial art styles. Chances are there is a style perfect for you no matter what your reasons are for trying it out.


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Mixed martial arts fighting is a style of fighting that is now extraordinarily popular and the’re very few people who have not at least heard of mixed martial arts and the UFC by now. Mixed martial arts fighting is widely popular all across the globe and is a relatively newer sport that contains various different fighting systems. Unlike relying upon a single style of fighting as most of these sports do such as kickboxing, boxing and kung fu, mixed martial arts fighting incorporates a bit of them all. Most people were first introduced to mixed martial arts fighting and what it was all about through the UFC television show.

This is not the chief source of mixed martial arts fighting but it has helped to make the sport more popular and the fighters more recognizable. The fights are more intense and more challenging. The fighters are more skilled in mixed martial arts fighting than in other styles because in preference to just focusing on a lone fighting technique they are conversant with excess of one if not every one of them. This makes the fights more fascinating because there will be more versatility from both sides of the ring.

Bellevue Karate

All MMA fights they occur inside of what is known as an octagon, that is an eight-sided cage. In order to get a win a fighter must either knock his opponent out or cause him to tap by submission. This means he could get him in a triangle hold or other lock where the opponent was cannot get out and had to tap out. There are three, five minute rounds in which fighters are able to show their stuff and try to be the winner.

Karate Kid Bellevue

If neither fighter gets knocked out or submits, then at the end of the fight it is up to the judges to make the conclusion on who they thought won the fight overall. They use statistics from the fight including how many hits each player received and who was the better defender to decide who won the fight. This way they can use the facts they have kept, including how many hits each player took and who was the better defender, and use it to help them in their decision. Fighters need to have stamina just as much as physical strength and maneuverability if they wish to win in an MMA fight.

Karate Kid Bellevue

Although only a few years ago mixed martial arts fighting was somewhat discreet and as good as unheard of, the’re now thousands of new fighters connecting to the field of MMA yearly. It has now gained in popularity and turn one of the most hyped and most discussed sports globally. Fighters start off as amateurs in the MMA and if they’re able to win fights and continue on to turn into popular and successful in the sport they can perform way up to learning to be a pro fighter. The sport is required to only continue growing in popularity.

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Jun 172010

With regards to self-defense, there is a fine line in between what encompasses self-defense. If a person attacks you and you defend yourself, that is known as self-defense. In case you go after another person whom you assume is about to attack, in a law enforcement official you’re at fault. My definition of self-defense is trying to keep yourself clear of any damage by avoiding the maximum amount of injuries to you getting away from the adversary. You must know when to end the fight, and when you’ve got to keep going in an effort to ward off harm to family. It’s a fine line that you have to navigate.

With the way things are currently it’s good to become taught in some form of self-defense training. Any sort of martial art consists of training in self-defense. Whether it is karate, judo, krav maga, or kung fu, one can find all the details over the internet or by way of DVD. If you do not want to spend your money, the internet has many free sites where you’ll be able to also learn about techniques. By entering ‘self-defense’ on youtube.com you can uncover many video tutorials on self-defense. You’ll be able too bookmark each video and carry out each tactic routinely. Among the best fighting methods icons once stated, “I’m afraid not the man that has attempted 10,000 kicks once, but I’m afraid of the man that has studied just one kick 10,000 times.” The more distance between you and the assailant so much the better.

You will understand strikes and holds to stun the opponent to offer the opportunity for taking control of the fight. It is best to work out accompanying a companion with one being the assailant along with the other being the individual under attack. Try doing a variety of real world circumstances, finding ways to protect the body, use makeshift weaponry, and strive to take the gun away from an adversary. Even then, it still might not exactly help out with a real life situation. However, provide you with the self-confidence to fight for your life.

Some of the training videos explain tips on how to disarm an opponent with either a gun or knife, I truly do warn you however that I strongly advise that when ever facing that situation to run since the majority of attackers usually do not attack exactly the same way. Additionally, you can’t recognize exactly how skilled the opponent is with the dagger. Unless you know what you are doing, don’t just stand there, that is not self-defense.

The law enforcement and military services all learn about self-defense. They train in paralyzing an opponent with pressure points and locks. This is a more difficult training approach.

Learning self-defense will help you if you are ever confronted by an assailant you’ll be aware of exactly how to proceed. It is important though is always to remain calm because if you panic you will lose all thought and forget about the training. This can end up leaving you susceptible for a serious injury. If you have the desire to know how you can guard yourself whether you’re a man, girl, or child and can’t locate a local studio, then do a bit of web based browsing. The net is a wonderful place to discover information about defending yourself in violent events.

If you wish to get more info, you’re in luck. Just check out this website link for additional web content similar to it: martial arts videos. You can even find additional in-depth posts on martial arts videos.

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Around the centuries in Asia, numerous variations of battling or dealing with danger and threats came into staying.  The Buki Yuushuu Martial Arts Weapons family is extremely common with these designs of unarmed fight, plus they desire to pass along a bit of that knowledge to martial arts college students, both young and old.  Additionally they assume that creating a solid being familiar with of the different weapons that also came up into getting, which aid to product the capacity of a student of karate (known as a karateka in Japanese) or Kung Fu or other Asian martial art, can only be a good element.
We’ve by now touched within a basic way on a number of weapons, such as the extensive, wooden staff called a Bo and the Japanese-originated nunchaku (occasionally known as “nunchucks” in popular Western karate movies).  Both of those products started their lives as possibly a perfectly-normal walking staff within the circumstance with the Bo, and it’s possible a farming instrument, inside circumstance in the nunchaku. 
Virtually every one of us have also noticed of or witnessed the traditional Japanese extensive sword, known as the katana. Anybody who’s watched a Japanese martial arts movie on Tv could have witnessed examples of these weapons.  Jointly with its shorter companion, the wakazashi, the pair creates up the ancient samurai warrior’s sword set, that is termed daisho (“dye-show”) in that Asian nation.  An individual who practices struggling with with one or both in the daisho drawn from their protective sheaths is stated to get training in kenjutsu.  Inside Japanese sword preventing, a whole subsection focusing on just understanding to draw the extended sword really easily goes by the term Iajutsu.  We’d pronounce most of these “jutsu” words as “joots,” mainly because the ‘u’ sound along at the conclusion is typically extremely brief or even silent.  So for Iajutsu, just say “yah-joots.”
But there are various far more weapons that a dedicated martial artist can consider the time to study or understand about.  The Japanese kama, which is usually a style of curved-blade sickle on the finish of a short stick, really did begin its life for a standard farming software.  Inside days on the samurai and their military warlords (Shogun), they were employed by Japanese and Okinawan farmers, and their usefulness as weapons soon came up for being understood.  Every time a modest ball and chain is attached towards the conclusion from the kama, it becomes a kusarigama (“koo-sree-gah-ma”).  A number of other martial arts, as well as Korean karate, or Tae Kwon Do, and some types of Kung Fu and silat (Malaysian martial arts), also use kinds of kama.  The word in Japanese can be possibly singular or plural, by the way, as can nunchaku.
Around in the Philippines, a favorite martial kind of combat sprung up all around the time when Spanish soldiers on the 1500s ended up exploring inside islands.  Escrima was a reaction for the military may well of those soldiers, and its techniques varied from tribe to tribe.  But all of them had in common using specified so-called “fighting sticks.”  Termed Kali (“kah-lee”), and originally produced of sturdy rattan about the length of an arm, they had been usually utilized in pairs.  They’re also very powerful inside the correct hands. 
The Buki Yuushuu Martial Arts family features good illustrations of Kali battling sticks and nunchaku.  Please bear in mind to train wisely and use caution whilst

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    martial arts wing chun


    There are a number of reasons to start learning a martial art.  I know when I began wing chun training it was more out of fitness and a side effect would be the ability to kick but. I didn’t really enjoy going to gyms with their beefy muscle  walking  around just grunting at your direction.


    Others learn wing chun kung fu to build confidence. Which is ideal.  Learning a martial art or any method that offers security and a sense of pride.A majority of our lives are live in fear, we feel out of control? This holds true in all aspects of our lives.More to the point i have found that it is the biggest bullies that seek to impose their physicality that are the most fearful and insecure.  They seek to be the strongest and are usually bullies.

    However I side effect I found whilst doing my wing chun training was that the more I learned the more comfortable I became with myself.Out with friends i was calm and relaxed.When someone was acting inappropriately – maybe drunk and calling out names, previously i woud get upset and felt insulted and had to prove my self by how strong i was and how much of a big man i was.


    However as I developed my skill and came confident in my abilities I came to realise that it I was the only one I had to prove anything to.drunken stranger does not determine how i behave, i have the confidence to ignore all negativity that comes my way.  To be totally superficial, did I need to prove to the world that I was able to beat up a drunk who didn’t know better.  Inside I knew if there was a physically threat I would be able to defend myself and other around me.. I didn’t need to start an unnecessary altercation to prove anything. I confidence that i did not need to prove myself.  That is the gift wing chun training gave me.


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      A walk through of the Wing Chun Training System and why the system is suitable for people from all backgrounds.

      Wing chun is probably one of the most well known kung fu systems in the world, mainly due to the exploits of Bruce Lee, who popularised King Fu, especially Wing Chun to the western world.

      But you don’t need to have the talent, strength or skill of Bruce Lee to learn Wing Chun. Legend has it a nun from the shaolin temple Ng Mui taught Yim Wing Chun the style. The foundations of Wing Chun was to cater for those of a smaller build.

      Properly executed the wing chun system does not require raw strength to be effective.  These are taught at the very beginning of your wing chun training.

      As a beginner to Wing Chun Kung Fu you will be introduced to the Sil Lim Tao form or little idea form.  This is where the foundation concepts and ideas of the wing chum system are learned. The basic stance and defensive guards of Wing Chun are taught here.

      Next form is Chum Kill also known as bridging the gap- where advanced footwork is introduced and attacking moves and strategies.  Bridging the gap refers to the gap between you and your opponent and how to make up that ground in an attacking manner to nullify and win over your opponent. Be mindful of your distance from your opponent as the real threat is when they are close. Remember ‘stick and stones will break bones but words never harm.

      The old adage of “Sticks & Stones” should be adhered to. Words only have the meaning you give them, ignore any bating and always be aware of physical threats around you. The space between you and your opponent is neutral ground. Engaging your opponent is dangerous work getting into close contact you have many targets to defend against. Chum Kill teaches you how to make up this ground to devastating effect.

      Next is Bill Jee finger thrusting form-where you strike with your fingers and easily the most advanced of the Wing Chun training forms.  The basic idea is that fighting with this technique amongst other thinks increases your range to strike your opponent and targets specific areas.  This is a very advanced technique and probably beyond the scope of this article but be wary a little knowledge is a dangerous thing so treat this information as informational purposes only.

      The one thing that distinguishes Wing Chun from other styles is Chi Sao. This is a sparring technique where you apply the hand forms learned by the previous wing chun training forms and apply them to a sparring/ fighting situation. Chi Sao or sticky hands technique teaches how to guard/attack by the feel of your opponents arms.

      Wing Chun fighters should have both wrists interlocked with each other in a specific position to break through the others defences.  You stick to your opponents hand to block any attack as well as instigate traps and attacks.

      It is a lot more involved than this, however it is a critical part of your wing chun training.

      Finally you have the Wing Chun Dummy to contend with.  This simple wooden dummy provides infinite amount of concepts and strategies to practice from-and can take a beating only thing I would warn is to work on your conditioning. The wooden dummy can take a few hits ..You will need to condition your arms during your wing chun wooden dummy training, as it is quite solid, however its is an invaluable toll that will serve you well in your training.

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        Aikido is a unique form of martial art. Its emphasis lies on the harmonious fusion of mind and body with the natural laws of Nature. Aikido concentrates on accepting and respecting the energy of life and nature and channeling this harmony onto strategies that expresses this energy in physical forms.

        Aikido is often viewed as more of a defensive martial art since its techniques and teachings are designed for you to avoid or get out of trouble. To the contrary, Aikido's systems are terribly forceful and effective.

        Basically, there are four levels of technique in Aikido training. These are the katai which refers to the basic training and is intended to build the foundation of body movements and breathing; the yawarakai trains the defendant to deflect attacks and fuse movements to take control of the attacker or situation; the ki-no-nagare which involves training the defendant to defend or counter attack by merging his movement with the attacker even before the latter makes contact; and the ki which is the absolute Aikido technique and involves establishing a link of ki or spirit from the defender to the attacker.

        When training for Aikido, you need a sparring partner. The uke and the nage. The Uke is the initiator of the attack and receives the Aikido techniques, while the Nage is the defender and the one that neutralizes the attack.

        Aikido basic techniques include ikky which involves control an attacker by placing one hand on the elbow and one on near the wrist giving an opportunity to throw the attacker to the ground; the niky which draws in the uke using a wristlock and twists the arm while applying painful nerve pressure; sanky which is a revolving method directed at trying an arching stress on the entire arm including the elbow and shoulder; yonky a shoulder control method with both hands gripping the forearm; goky is another alternative of ikky whereby the hand gripping the wrist is reversed and is reasonably handy in weapon take-aways; shihnage or the four-direction throw; kotegaeshi or wrist return which involves a wristlock-throw that stretches the extensor digitorum; kokynage also known as breath throws or timing throws; iriminage or entering-body throws which resembles a â

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