Martial Arts Styles and the Differences

January 3, 2015 - Comment

The differences in martial arts styles spring from such variables as weapon usage, time period, single-opponent fights versus multiple-opponent fights and so… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Martial arts styles such as kung fu, karate, taekwondo, kickboxing and others are blended together to form the mixed martial arts (MMA) sport. Find out the h… Video

Martial Arts : The Differences in Martial Arts Styles

The differences in martial arts styles spring from such variables as weapon usage, time period, single-opponent fights versus multiple-opponent fights and so…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Martial arts styles such as kung fu, karate, taekwondo, kickboxing and others are blended together to form the mixed martial arts (MMA) sport. Find out the h…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



MrDalley says:

you are totally right, you should also never be restricted in a style, I teach shotokan but incorporate many over techniques from different styles. The teach traditional karate anything else that works 🙂

noora althani says:

ur right thanks

sifufrank says:

there is absolutely ZERO best styles because styles like guns don’t work unless someone uses them. all styles are good. it just depends on who is using them.

sifufrank says:

the chinese stuff he did looks like japanese karate.

tomurso says:

The taijutsu (body martial arts) of the Bujinkan seems to be applicable in self defense scenarios. However, the main issue is that there is no “best” martial arts. Each art has its own strengths & weaknesses. If you want to learn to grapple, then learn arts such as judo, aikido, hapkido, chin na, etc. If you want to learn striking, then study karate, tae kwon do, muy thai, etc. Essentially, find an art that interests you, attend consistently & enjoy. Good luck in your search.

tomurso says:

1st of all, which viewpoint do you subscribe to of what ninjutsu actually is. Personally, I take the historical approach & consider it a part of gungaku (military science, such as espionage, scouting, intelligence gathering) rather than bujutsu (martial arts) such as kenjutsu (swordmanship), sojutsu (spearmanship) & kempo (empty-handed arts). If you follow the belief of systems such as the Bujinkan that ninja had specific martial arts, that is fine.

noora althani says:

do u think that ninjutsu is the best martial arts style?

Kuhan M says:

Choose whatever you want. However, make sure that no matter what you choose you have a coach. It’s a faster and safer way to learn.

J1Two says:

more of an asian approach lol i love this guy

MrOGJMoney says:

Good video, this finally cleared things up with me. I want to learn martial arts, now that I saw this I decided on kung fu

ghostlyredfox says:

Small circle Jujitsu? The grappling is standing up and is therefore in fact clinching though. If you mean striking and ground-fighting (wrestling on the ground) you could try MMA.

Em H says:


666GrizzlyBeast says:

wheres a good place to learn martial arts. jap or china?

D3athduo says:

I’m 17, weigh 120 pounds, 5’8″-5’10” or so. I plan on moving to Japan as a teacher or translator (if so, military; Air Force) after college. I’ve never gotten into martial arts before, but it’s interested me for quite a while, in addition to gymnastics and swimming (i’m a lifeguard). I like Karate, Taekwondo, and Kenjutsu/Kendo. Suggestions? Thank you.

Petro Scholtz says:

Ek wil graag met iemand chat

RobertRamsey3232 says:


kakouzzi says:

thank you for the very clear explanation 😉

Jeffrey Rolland says:

(And, maybe for fun, learn *just* a little krav maga to “tell them you’re Jewish, all right, Wang?” #nooffense #bazinga)

Jeffrey Rolland says:

Probably a “soft style” (judo, aikido, Brazilian jujitsu): you’re likely not going to be able to knock out, or “bull-rush” or knock over an opponent, so you’d want to “use their momentum against them”. Some joint locks can be quite painful, so “soft styles” aren’t quite the “sissy styles” some people make them out to be.

Whatever you decide on, it’s “in for a penny, in for a pound” in an actual fight; log lots of mat-hours at an accredited dojo in whatever style you decide to pursue.

Teannah Bautista says:

What would you recommend for a 5′ 3″ / 125 lb person?

PITBULL1625 says:

kick boxing, judo, and kyokushin karate would do you good 🙂

DataMiner8907 says:

what would be a good style for someone big. roughly 6 foot and 250 pounds and i can’t be flexible cause of my skeletal structure. and no im not fat. if it means anything i can pick up the back end of a car

The Crooked Man says:

very helpful

TheAlphaguy1 says:

karate has no ART

domcha131 says:

he completely forgot to generalize the grappling arts too. people who have little to no knowledge of martial arts while watching this vid will now think that martial arts are just punching and kicking…whether they’re internal or external.

domcha131 says:

technically all combat sports are martial arts. They’re an art form and they’re martial which means they’re based in fighting and combat.

William Starstrider says:

no kendo is certainly not a martial art.. its a sport! lol

ashesinthewax says:

Agreed. Not all kung fu is soft; not all linear styles are hard.

ashesinthewax says:

So kendo, bojutsu, kyudo, krabi kabang, kali/escrima, and the pantheon of Chinese weapons are not considered martial arts? Interesting.

rimidalvetarak says:

Hmm…. not too sure about the details. The host seems to oversimplify the info to the point of inaccuracy. just saying what i think.

lostwindreaper says:

what about judo,aikido, ju jutsu, nin justsu…etc?

joebob2299 says:

It’s not exactly fake. Many martial artists, when discussing the history of their or others’ arts, don’t exactly know what they’re talking about. They repeat what they hear from their fellows and their instructors, and think teleologically.

There is no research here–he aint a historian. There are no sources, only the repetition of commonly held beliefs regarding the “history” of the martial arts. I’m sure he captures some essence of truth, though.

shoboat81 says:

Lol he can’t fight talking like that I’d beat his ass, and I don’t study nothing besides this is america not china or japan get the fuck oughta here !

A Reluctant Ham Sandwich says:

What happened to the grappling arts?

joseph941000able says:

Dude was loosing his breath near the end how pathedic

ninjafretshadow says:

kinda young!the mutha fka’s bald.i love jealousy comments haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

David Perry says:

8th degree black belt of what you seem kinda yong to be an 8th degree maybey 6 or 7th but not 8th

MrNobodyinpaticular says:

Technically yes, but Martial arts has come to mean a hand-to-hand combat technique.

Alejandro Diaz says:

Dude, Martial arts are everything that serves you in combat, including (but not limited to) boxing, fencing, archering, gun firing and wrestling.

thelolguy007 says:

How can you talk about Mixed Martial Arts and not mention ‘Muay Thai,Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Boxing?’ I know they are not strictly ‘martial arts’ but they are essential in ‘Mixed martial Arts’

KSDS671 says:

it’s more deeper thank that, this is a fast explanation of the topic.

jhgc26385 says:

Martial Arts had always been on developing, and still are. However, the bases of martial arts shouldn’t be distorted. That’s why you can’t forget the past, because if you do you will lose everything from technique to mentality and discipline.
This will of mixing the martial arts has always been the enemy of perfection.
That’s what you see on a mcdojo…

GBlues1 says:

Except I think that Bruce Lee was truly the first mixed martial artist. Period. Kickboxing is basically what???? Taekwondo, thank you very much. Not really a mix of anything. A karate guy can go in there and do just as well, as a taekwondo guy or a kick boxer, cause it’s the same shit.

KugFuJoe5476 says:

i really like dhis video of urs. because it is all about: ‘The Philosophy’ which is in martial arts or u might call “MMA” in this 20centy. besides it is history of martial arts since long time ago.. & and to tell the true *sigh* ok i’ve have a “Disability-Problem”! 🙁 sad is’t it? BUT!! let talk about the martial arts as soft & hard styles is like ying and yang, light & dark, good and evil is a syboe that’s lids insides of your abodmen… yeah so i’m going to give it a 4-POINTS!!!! 🙂

Patcherson says:

8th degree in bullshit-do god this guy doesnt know what he’s talking about “mma is the future”
traditonal martial arts have been around for thousands of years do you really think they are all gona get bastardised? i can trace my karate roots to my sensai and his sensai all the way back to okinawa

eijiyuki says:

He has the right idea. Facts are mostly wrong. Just a few styles I’ll list to get your mind thinking. Aikido, Judo, Jiujitsu, Tai Chi, Xing Yi Quan, Baqua, Wing Chun. He forgot to mention the origins of kickboxing in 1950 Japan and Bruce Lee’s aggressive merging of “hard,” “soft” and grappling martial arts in 1970

jjjaaaccckkk says:

he forgot to talk about grappling styles
it doesnt seem right to classify all kung fu styles as soft or circular as many styles such as wing chun are extremely linear, basic and defensive

xaedmon says:

Just a reminder about the psychology of “styles”.
different styles or schools of martial arts tend to induce a mentality that is often self limiting to many a practitioner. One must realize that all the different styles can be as one style if you remove the self imposed mental barriers that separate the different techniques. Many, through progressive involvement become so identified with their style that their ego is wrapped around it like a protecting mother. own your style, dont let it own you

Porda says:

Great videos..The styles that he has shown are splendid. Thanks for sharing.

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