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Oct 202017

Brand New! Professionally made for the best quality. This high-density cross-linked polyethylene foam (closed cell) is firm and is used for competitive gymnastics, it will last much longer than soft open cell foam.

Product Features

  • Z Athletic brand folding mats
  • Covered by high quality 18 oz. vinyl
  • Contains high density cross-linked polyethylene foam
  • Two handles for portability, no hook and loop connections
  • Dimensions: 2’x6’x2″ unfolded, 26″x25″x7″ folded
Oct 202017

Brand New and professionally made for the best quality. This open cell (soft) foam mat is perfect for cushioning falls and landings. Combine it with our two inch thick mats for even more cushion! Use the mat unfolded for length, or folded for additional support. The 6ft x 3ft x 4in mat has hook and loop connections on both ends which can be used in many ways. Connect multiple mats together for a longer crash area or use the hook and loop connection to secure to carpet.

Product Features

  • This 4 inch thick, medium soft mat is perfect for a variety of landings! Use it with our Junior Training Bar or Kip Bar for the perfect cushion. The heavy duty construction will hold up against repeated use.
  • Covered by high quality 18 oz. vinyl and contains an opened cell foam core for a softer cushion, perfect for landings.
  • This two panel mat folds up for easy handling, storage, and transportation.
  • Hook and loop connections on both ends.
  • Dimensions: Unfolded: 6’x3’x4″, Folded: 3’x3’x8″
Oct 202017

Our Soozier brand 4′ x 10′ x 2″ folding mat is a great addition to your home gym and provides you with a comfortable spot to do your floor exercises. This exercise mat is thick and quite durable. It has a convenient design so that you can fold it and store it when not in use. The workout mat also has sewn in handles making it portable so you will no longer have trouble transporting the mat to and from gymnastics or sporting. Our exercise mat is covered with PU leather which is non-absorbent and will enable you to clean it easily. With its ease of use, durability and its non-absorbent technology, this exercise mat is ideal for a great workout. Features: -Excellent for tumbling, exercise programs, pilates, stretching, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, day care activities and many other uses -Non-absorbent shell which is fire-retardant, puncture and mildew resistant provides sanitary protection for your workout needs and is sealed by zipper -Folds up easily for carrying and storage -Sewn handle for easy transportation -Hook and loop strap on each end of the mat allows for connection to additional mats for tumbling runs. -Easy to clean Specifications: -Dimensions: 4′ wide x 10′ long x 2″ thick pad -Panel Number: 4 Panels -Panel dimension: 4′ x 2.5′ x 2″ -Hook and loop dimension: 4′ x 2″ -Mat material: 2″ thick firm white high density EPE foam, PU leather

Product Features

  • Excellent for tumbling, exercise programs, pilates, stretching, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, day care activities and many other uses
  • Mat material: 2″ thick firm white high density EPE eco-friendly foam
  • Constructed of 4 panels: each 4′ x 2.5′ x 2
  • Durable PU Leather Cover: The non-absorbent shell which is fire-retardant, puncture and mildew resistant provides sanitary protection for your workout needs and is sealed by zipper
  • Hook and loop fasteners on all 4 sides of the mat allow for connection to additional mats for tumbling runs
Oct 202017

This 10’ gym mat is ready to get physical and help you channel your inner athlete. Designed with non-absorbent PU leather, this mat is perfect for whatever gets you moving: tumbling, yoga, aerobics, Pilates, martial arts, dance, and more! Whether you’re perfecting your tumbling or practicing your balance with a handstand, this gym mat’s ready to help you keep fit. SPECIFICATIONS: Expanded Dimensions: 10’(L) x 4’(W) x 2”(thick); Folded Dimensions: 48”(L) x 10”(W) x 10”(H); Weight: 17 lbs.; Color: Black; Material: PU Leather, High-Density EPE Foam; No assembly required;

Product Features

  • Upholstered long-lasting and non-absorbent PU leather cover makes cleaning a breeze
  • Cushioned with 2 inches of thick high-density EPE foam provides comfort and support for any hard falls
  • Features carrying handles and a folding, 4-panel design for easy storage and transportation
  • Built-in Velcro latches allow you to connect it to additional mats for tumbling runs
  • Expanded Dimensions: 10′(L) x 4′(W) x 2″(thick); Folded Dimensions: 48″(L) x 10″(W) x 10″(H)
Oct 202017

Gymnastic Mat Can Be Used For Various Physical Activities Not Only In Gymnastics But Also For Yoga, Dancing, Light Stretching, Wrestling, Martial Arts, And General Exercise. Our Mat Is Designed For Schools, Clubs, Camps, Teams Or Individuals. Also It Is Perfect For Teaching Basic Gymnastics And Exercises To Kids.

Durable Gymnastic Mat
Constructed Of 4 Panels: Each 4′ X 2′ X 2″
Folds Into Quarters For Easy Carry And Storage
Eco-Friendly PU Cloth And High Quality EPE Foam
Velcro On Two Edges To Connect End To End
Every Panel Has A Zipper So You Can Clean Or Change The Foam
Designed For Schools, Clubs, Camps, Teams Or Individuals, Etc
Also It Is Perfect For Teaching Basic Gymnastics And Exercises To Kids
Special Characteristic: Have A Hand Carry Belt, Because Of This, You Can Go Anywhere With The Mat
You Will Never Feel Inconvenient To Go Outdoors With It

Color: Blue
Material: EPE Foam (Inside) + Eco-Friendly PU (Outside)
Expand Size: 4’X8’X2″
Folding Size: 4’X2’X8″
Panel Size: 4’X2’X2″
Weight: 16lbs
Package Include: 1xGymnastic Mat

Product Features

  • Durable Gymnastic Mat
  • Constructed Of 4 Panels: Each 4′ X 2′ X 2″
  • Folds Into Quarters For Easy Carry And Storage
  • Eco-Friendly PU Leather And High Quality EPE Foam
  • Velcro On Two Edges To Connect End To End
Oct 202017

Home and nursery schools, educational facilities, most use that have been exercise mat at the gym center Can be stored can be folded in Futatsuori, move with the handle is also convenient. There is a thick-cushioned, appropriate elasticity. Stain-resistant, easy to clean, easy-to-use for the tasteless and odorless. Sponge high-quality made in Germany in. Bright colors, anti-slip, soundproof, seismic isolation, abrasion difficult, longevity in the stain-resistant material. Whole body exercise, dance, yoga, gymnastics, calisthenics, martial arts, break such as the proper. > More

Product Features

  • We will ship from Tokyo, Japan
  • It will take 10 to 17 business days as your goods arrive since your payment.
Oct 202017

Is Ballet, Dancing, Gymnastics or Cheerleading your passion? Do you wish you’d be more flexible and would move more effortlessly? The EverStretch Door Flexibility Trainer PRO will make you move like the people you’ve always admired.

The EverStretch Door Flexibility Trainer PRO is a portable leg stretcher designed for ballet, dance, martial arts and other sports. Use any sturdy doorpost to get results and improve your leg flexibility, hip range of motion, balance and gain strength and control over your movements.

Stretching in an upright body position resembles movements in ballet, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, etc. more realistically than flexibility equipment like a stretching machine.

Several professional athletes have used and endorsed the EverStretch Door Flexibility Trainer PRO. They all found the legs stretching experience to be unique, realistic, and very effective compared to a stretching machine.

The LITE and PRO version of our Door Flexibility Trainer are similar in the way they work. Both have a strap, a door anchor and will give you access to our online portal instructions and exercises. Where the LITE version gives you just that, the PRO version is the superior version. It has a heavy duty door anchor, softer webbing and a padded foot loop which are more comfortable on your skin. Also a mesh carrying bag, a door sign and a 24-page color print booklet are included (emailed as PDF for the LITE version).

Click ADD TO CART to get your EverStretch Door Flexibility Trainer and start getting results NOW!

Product Features

  • ❤️️ ACHIEVE FULL SPLITS FAST. Easy-to-use flexibility strap to improve your leg flexibility, balance and range of motion in a natural body position. Just a few weeks of consistent use and your friends will notice considerable improvements to your movements.
  • ⚜️ MOVE EFFORTLESSLY. Dance stretch band that’s ready to use in a few seconds: put the door anchor over any sturdy doorpost, close the door and pull the strap through the D-ring and you’re ready to take your poses to the next level.
  • ☺️️ DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS. EverStretch: Premium Stretching Equipment. Premium Education. Premium Service. Train with confidence. Nothing will break due to use of high quality materials: 150gr cotton strap that smoothly slides through 6mm solid metal welded D-ring. Door anchor secures the strap with a metal bolt through a metal plate.
  • ⭐ SUPERIOR DESIGN. Does not damage door and stays put. The Metal Plate in the Door Anchor is padded with Foam and covered with soft Felt so this leg stretching equipment will not scratch or damage your door and won’t move or slide while you’re stretching your legs.
  • ☘️ NO RISK: MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + LIFETIME WARRANTY. Buy with confidence. Not happy? We’ll refund you; no questions asked. Register on the EverStretch website for a Lifetime Warranty. How’s that for standing behind our product? 🙂
Jul 202011

Assumptions are something we believe which we usually accept as the truth without putting them to the test or subjecting them to harsh questioning. Our every-day assumptions are usually correct and accurate as well as fulfilling an essential role in our lives. However, when our testable assumptions are based on incorrect information, they can be misleading and, on occasion, fatal.

Since it has various styles and forms, martial arts cannot be tested accurately.. When it comes to martial arts, participants do not like to assume.. It is because of this that they are allowed to approach their discipline in the most unconventional, yet always acceptable, of ways.

Since in general our assumptions are all that we know, it is hard to test or doubt them.. Thanks to epistemology, or the scientific study of how we know things, we can better understand the thought process that paves the way to what we know. Usually, we know what we do thanks to personal experience. However, we are not very willing to put the knowledge we have gained on the backburner. This is due to the blind faith we put in shared knowledge we have collected, almost like a master of something. On rare occasions, it is not one or the other but instead we put together both our personal knowledge and shared knowledge when the two agree or complement each other.

With martial arts training, it is crucial to question one’s beliefs and knowledge. This is because some of the assumptions we have gathered along the way have either have bias or are based on information we came across haphazardly. Being able to spot the difference between ones opinion and a fact is important..

Unless you’re a Muhammad Ali or a Mike Tyson, most of the knowledge you have acquired about fighting is based on what you hear and are taught and not on personal experience. This makes the instructors’ experience and what they know as the only link between your knowledge and fighting. The instructor, more often than not, will pass on his approach based on assumptions of martial arts that will become the students very own style.

In picking which style to use, the person must choose a set of tactics and strategies that best suits him or her.. One should also keep in mind that the assumptions he/she has about the usage of the skills acquired will not always match a hostile situation. But because of the love we have for martial arts, we seek comfort and safety in our discipline. However, despite the comforting assumptive power of this approach, it may be hazardous.

With martial arts for self defense, it is important to remember that one’s assumptions that play a role in their skills will not always match the hostile situation in which they are in. This is crucial when it comes to how to learn martial arts.


May 282010

For some, the idea of taking classes in the martial arts is all they will ever need to defend themselves or their loved ones. Few, if any, martial arts instructors would agree. The techniques that you learn in a class are theoretical, and while they can be applied in the real world, that takes practice and confidence.

Yet self defense skills are much better than none at all.

Guarding Yourself When You Get Mugged

Just think about the possibility of begin mugged on a night out when a mugger demands your jewelry, purse or wallet. What would you do?

In most cases the defensive techniques you learn are generally designed to operate best before you become a victim. Avoid walking out alone, late at night. It is vital that you are aleart to your environment. Walk near the curb of a sidewalk rather than near the buildings. {Walk quickly to give the impression of purpose`It’s also a good idea to walk quickly, so that you project the impression of purpose}. Consider preparing an emergency money clip or wallet to use for distraction that contains only a few dollars.

On the other hand if you still become a target of a mugger, it is usually a good idea to comply with the demands of your attacker, particularly if a weapon is involved. And yet if you are presented an opportunity to run, take it. It is necessary that you follow any directions gives, making sure to inform the police after the mugger leaves. Remember, the mugger’s goal is to get your valuables, act stupidly and it might cost you your life instead.

Close Up Confrontation and Potential Abduction

The standard defense that women use is just as applicable to men. If attacked in close quarters by a man aim for the privates. Knees, feet and even a fist, applied in the correct area will temporarily incapacitate a male attacker. Studies consistently indicate that going anywhere with an armed assailant is much more dangerous than fighting them off.

If the groin is covered or unavailable, use the base of the palm to strike up hard at the nose. As long as you make contact, you will cause significant pain. The right contact will break any nose quite effectively.

Even when you have encountered an assailant who has a gun, you are still very unlikely to get hit if you run away, yelling and weaving. And yet if you get inside the vehicle of your mugger you have a lesser chance of being seen again.

Techniques to Operate in a Confrontation

Despite the fact that certain situations may happen that require the employment of your self defense techniques, you will realize that easy skills work just about everytime. Use your knees and elbows whenever possible, they are solid and hit hard. 

Focus on the private region, the nose, the throat, and if required, the eyes. Kick, scream, yell, punch, and bite, etc. until you have managed to get away or someone comes to help. Running away is better instead of fighting, and make sure you stay away from the head as you will find that it is tougher than your fist.

To end you can boost your chances if you are in a hostile situation by carrying pepper spray. It is important that you hold your pepper spray in your hand, especially if you are in an unsafe environment. You will only have a split second to deploy your weapon if the moment ever comes.

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